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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be fully informed about our financial products and services. To help you learn more, we have provided answers to our most asked questions.

Q: Is now a good time to refinance?
A: We recommend refinancing your mortgage whenever there is an opportunity to make money by reducing your costs.

Q: What are the alternatives for refinancing my commercial property?
A: The alternatives are the same as when the property was purchased, but refinancing can allow you to get cash out for improvements or an investment in another property.

Q: What is the best way to apply for commercial property loans?
A: Call us at (206) 395-2473. There are specific requirements for different properties, such as shopping malls and multi-unit apartments. We'll review the best options to maximize your returns.

Q: How soon will I be approved?
A: Once we have your application by phone or through our easy and convenient BLINK online application, the turnaround is usually 24 hours. Our expedited approvals are thanks to our streamlined and automated approval process.

Q: Can I learn more about Ballard?
A: Of course! We love our neighborhood.

The Ballard Mortgage Company is named for Ballard, a neighborhood in Seattle and an incredible place to live. Our neighborhood is in North Seattle, bounded on the south by the Ship Canal, which links Lake Washington with Puget Sound. We're the center of the North Pacific fishing industry, and we proudly offer some of the best beer brewers in the US.